Saturday, November 10, 2012

SOLAR WATCH: The Sun Comes Alive - Massive Farside Explosion, Magnetic Filament Eruption and Earth-Directed Coronal Mass Ejection! UPDATE: NOAA - Geomagnetic Storm Category G1 Predicted!

November 10, 2012 - SUN - A magnetic filament has erupted around AR 11608 while in an earth facing position. The eruption produced a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) with components heading towards earth. ETA or impact is forecasted for November 12th to 13th.

FARSIDE EXPLOSION: As solar activity picks up on the Earthside of the sun, the farside of the sun is coming alive, too. During the early hours of Nov. 9th, a magnetic filament located behind the sun's southeastern limb erupted, hurling a bright coronal mass ejection (CME) into space. This explosion was not geoeffective, but future explosions might be. The blast site, still potent, is just days away from rotating onto the Earthside of the sun. - Spaceweather.
FILAMENT ERUPTION NEAR 1608 + CME: A filament eruption was just observed over the last several hours around sunspot 1608. This region is in a good Earth facing position and a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is now visible. A portion of the cloud looks to be Earth directed.

CME UPDATE: The brand new CME Prediction Model released by the Goddard Space Flight Center shows a potential for an Earth impact by late on November 12. A majority of the slow moving plasma cloud appears to be headed south, however a glancing blow impact will be possible. This could lead to an increase in geomagnetic activity and aurora at high latitudes. - Solar Ham.
WATCH: Filament Eruption and Earth-Directed CME - November 9, 2012.

UPDATE: NOAA - Geomagnetic Storm Category G1 Predicted!

According to the NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center, a geomagnetic storm of category G1 is predicted:
Potential Impacts: Area of impact primarily poleward of 60 degrees Geomagnetic Latitude.
Induced Currents - Weak power grid fluctuations can occur. Spacecraft - Minor impact on satellite operations possible. Aurora - Aurora may be visible at high latitudes, i.e., northern tier of the U.S. such as northern Michigan and Maine.

Highest Storm Level Predicted by Day:
Nov 11: None (Below G1) Nov 12: G1 (Minor) Nov 13: G1 (Minor)


MASS FISH DIE-OFF: Hundreds Of Dead Fish Wash Up In St Peters Billabong, Australia?!

November 10, 2012 - AUSTRALIA - Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Council workers were at the billabong, in St Peters Park, earlier this afternoon removing the dead fish.

 Dead fish washed up at St Peters Billabong. Source: adelaidenow
A Norwood, Payneham and St Peters Council spokeswoman said a lack of oxygen in the water caused by decomposing leaves killed the fish.

She said the leaves swept into the billabong were predominantly from Second Creek.

The council was not concerned about the health of other wildlife in and around the billabong.

In 2005, hundreds of carp in the billabong were killed by dirty stormwater.

A faulty rubbish trap was believed to have contributed to those deaths.

The high carbon levels in the stormwater, caused by a mixture of leaves and road grime, reduced oxygen levels in the billabong, suffocating the carp. - The Australian.

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: United States Military Warned to Prepare For Consequences of Climate Change - National Academy of Sciences Recommends Crash Course For Analysts on Preparing For Rise in Sea Level and Food Shortages!

November 10, 2012 - PENTAGON, UNITED STATES - The Pentagon was warned on Friday to stand guard against "climate surprises" which could throw off its efforts to secure America's future.  An expert report, prepared for the intelligence community by the National Academy of Sciences, warns that the security establishment is going to have start planning for natural disasters, sea-level rise, drought, epidemics and the other consequences of climate change.
The US military has already cited facilities like Eglin air force base in Florida as being
particularly at risk due to rising sea levels. Photograph: Joely Santiago/AP
The Pentagon already ranks climate change as a national security threat, putting US troops in danger around the world and adding fuel to existing conflicts. More than 30 US bases are threatened by sea level rise.  It has also identified potential new danger zones, such as sub-Saharan Africa.  The military is also working to cut back on its fuel costs in an age of budget austerity, by installing solar arrays and wind turbines, and monitoring electricity use.  But Friday's report suggests strategic planners are going to have make sweeping adjustments to their planning to take account of climate change over the next decade and beyond. 

Current scenarios could be thrown completely askew by "climate surprises", the report said. These could be a single catastrophic event – such as a food price shock – or a cascade of reactions that could ultimately put America at risk. "It makes sense for the intelligence community to apply a scenario approach in thinking about potentially disruptive events," the report said. "It may make sense to consider the security implications of two or three more plausible trends as a way to anticipate risks."  The study also recommends a crash course for intelligence analysts on the potential threat posed by sea-level rise, drought, food shortages and other consequences of climate change. "It is essential for the intelligence community to understand adaptation and changes in vulnerability to climate events," it said. - Guardian.

PLANETARY TREMORS: 4.3 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes up Eastern Kentucky - Felt as Far as Cincinnati and Georgia!

November 10, 2012 - KENTUCKY - A 4.3-magnitude earthquake struck outside Whitesburg Saturday shortly after noon, with reverberations felt throughout Eastern Kentucky and down to Tennessee.  Lt. Ken Sexton of the Whitesburg Fire Department said officials in Letcher County were currently trying to assess damages, but they had not received any reports of injuries about an hour after the quake. 

Overall, the population in this region resides in structures that are resistant to
earthquake shaking, though some vulnerable structures exist.
National Weather Service and National Geological Service have confirmed it.  Meteorologist Chris Bailey of WKYT said Saturday’s earthquake was the second strongest quake on record in Kentucky after a 5.2 quake hit that hit Bath County in 1980.  The National Earthquake Information Center of the U.S. Geological Survey confirmed the quake at 12:08 p.m. On social media, people reported feeling it as far west as Lexington and Mount Sterling.  But the most dramatic effects were in Eastern Kentucky.  Will Nash of Teach for America was in Prestonsburg doing a professional development training with a group of 25 teachers.  “Felt it in the library as ceiling fans and books shook,” he wrote on Twitter. 

Dispatcher Barbara Brashear of Perry County emergency services in Hazard said they had received two reports of property damage so far, but no injuries.  “We have reports of a lot of pictures falling off the wall,” she said. “We’ve been told it was felt as far up as Cincinnati and as far south as Georgia.”  State Police in Hazard cover five counties — Perry, Letcher, Knott, Leslie, Perry and Breathitt. Dispatcher Ryan Adams said there were no injuries or structural damage report, but “we’re getting reports from all across the region of people’s pictures being knocked off the wall, and ceramic figurines being broken,” he said.  Tom Monarch was on the second floor of his Chevy Chase home when he felt a vibration like an “unbalanced washing machine.”  “It sustained for a little over 30 seconds,” he said, but it reminded him of feeling the 1980 earthquake when he was a child in Frankfort. “It kept vibrating and then it tapered off.”  Harlan County emergency services reported no injuries or property damage. - Kentucky.

MAJOR DISASTER IMPACT: FEMA "Camp Freedom" Houses Over 800 Citizens in Martial Law Controlled Region of New Jersey - New York Opens Prison For Other Displaced Individuals?!

November 10, 2010 - UNITED STATES - The FEMA Camp (tent city) dubbed “Camp Freedom” is home to over 800 citizens in the Martial Law controlled region of New Jersey that was devastated by the recent super storm. No media is allowed into “Camp Freedom” as the government is afraid the truth will reach the masses. City and government buses have been converted to transport displaced civilians and emergency workers into the camp as a major snow squall and bad weather continue to plague the region. Martial law is still in effect. Military, FEMA and the Red Cross are on scene inside the camp perimeter. The third world conditions at “Camp Freedom” are despicable to say the least as residents have stated:

“Everybody is angry over here. It’s like being prison,” said Sotelo, who grew up in Wayne. “I’ve been working since I was 10. I’ve been on my own since I was 16. And for things to be so bad that it’s pissing me off, that tells you something.”, according to
More displaced residents are expected to sign-in as weather and fuel conditions worsen. Military and law enforcement are running heavy patrols in the storm battered areas.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was quoted as saying:
“I mean, I can’t build them apartments right now, in the next week, so we’re gonna get them as close to their homes as we can get them. But I can’t wave a magic wand and create housing.”
100′s of thousands of people remain without power as emergency crews work day and night. CBS reported, “Sandy’s destruction has left thousands of people homeless for the foreseeable future. FEMA estimates 101,000 people in New York and New Jersey qualify for hotel subsidies and 56,000 people qualify for help renting a new home or fixing a damaged one. And the agency’s moving in several hundred mobile homes into the hurricane zone.” And if this is not enough for you yet or if it is all unbelievable, in New York City they are now using prison facilities as temporary housing facilities for displaced citizens, solving the need for portable FEMA camps.

The New York Post reported:  The state is eyeing the recently shuttered Arthur Kill Correctional Facility on Staten Island as a temporary home for people displaced by the ravages of Sandy and this week’s nasty nor’easter, officials said yesterday. Closed last December, the medium-security prison could feed and sleep as many as 900 people with nowhere else to go. “Our facilities staff have to go through it to determine what it would take to get it up and running for such a purpose,” said Peter Cutler, a spokesman for the state Department of Corrections. Displaced Sandy victims could be housed in dorms at Staten Island’s shuttered Arthur Kill Correctional Facility — razor wire and all. “Of course, the challenge is the fact that it was closed a year ago and all of the major infrastructure components, such as boilers and wastewater system, were deactivated.” There are as many as 40,000 New Yorkers who need shelter from the one-two punch of extreme weather events, according to city estimates.On Staten Island alone, about 5,200 people applied for temporary FEMA housing, but only about two dozen people have been successfully placed, federal sources said. So it may resemble a scene out of “The Walking Dead,” but officials and displaced people alike say the former prison ought to be considered as a refuge. - The Intel Hub.

TERMINATOR NOW: The Rise of the Machines - New DARPA Smart Drones Use "Brains" to Dodge Obstacles!

November 10, 2012 - UNITED STATES - Those pesky terrorists, always jumping over fences and running off into the trees. Exactly how is the Pentagon going to track their every move when they are so adept at such feats? The answer may come in the form of a new unmanned drone developed by DARPA that can autonomously dodge obstacles. IEEE Spectum reports that Researchers at Cornell University, with funding from DARPA and Defense contractor Lockheed Martin, have developed hardware that acts like a brain when it receives information from a camera, enabling a drone to dodge any obstacles it flies too close to.

Those pesky terrorists, always jumping over fences and running off into the trees. Exactly how is the Pentagon going to track their every move when they are so adept at such feats? The answer may come in the form of a new unmanned drone developed by DARPA that can autonomously dodge obstacles. IEEE Spectum reports that Researchers at Cornell University, with funding from DARPA and Defense contractor Lockheed Martin, have developed hardware that acts like a brain when it receives information from a camera, enabling a drone to dodge any obstacles it flies too close to.

In their paper, titled Low-Power Parallel Algorithms for Single Image based Obstacle Avoidance in Aerial Robots, the researchers note: “In outdoor robotic experiments, our algorithm was able to consistently produce clean, accurate obstacle maps which allowed our robot to avoid a wide variety of obstacles, including trees, poles and fences.”  It is clear that this technology is intended for domestic use.  As we have noted, the FAA’s recent legislative onslaught has opened up US skies to drones operated by the military, federal government and law enforcement agencies, and private companies. However, critics have pointed out that the FAA’s own safety tests have proved anything but convincing.  DARPA and Lockheed are clearly hoping that this new development will go some way to silencing those critics.  Critics it will not silence, however, are those concerned for their privacy. Activists have rounded on their local government representatives in many areas of the country, in an attempt to stop the drone invasion before it gets out of hand.  FAA documents recently obtained and released by the Electronic Frontier Foundation have confirmed that the roll out of domestic unmanned drones will, for the most part, be focused solely on spying on the American people. When applying for a license to operate drones, an overwhelming amount of operators stated that they intended to use the devices for surveillance.  And don’t think you can run off into the woods to hide. The DARPA drones are coming… - Info Wars.
WATCH: Autonomous flight in Obstacle-rich indoor environments using a single camera.

EXTRATERRESTRIAL NARRATIVE: UFO Sightings on the Rise - MUFON Received Over 7,000 Reports in the First Ten Months of 2012!

November 10, 2012 - UNITED STATES - Ufology is alive and well in the United States and the field appears to be fast growing along with strong growth in witness testimony, according to statistics compiled through early November 2012 with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

A November 4, 2012, story published in The Telegraph was one of several media outlets reporting on a statement made by Dave Wood, chairman of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP). Wood said a meeting had been called to address a crisis in the UFO subject to consider whether or not the subject was "a thing of the past."  Wood cites UFO groups who have gone under and a decline in interest and reports on UFOs.  Reached at his Cincinnati headquarters office today, MUFON Executive Director David MacDonald said ufology was alive and well.  "The fact is that MUFON is receiving on average more than 700 cases a month," MacDonald said. "Furthermore the evidence is there. We have it. There are people in prison right now, some on death row, convicted on less evidence then what we have to support our belief that UFO's are real. We have eyewitness testimony, sworn affidavits, physical trace evidence, photographs and videos."  MUFON is comprised of about 3,000 members and is the largest UFO investigation group organized on the planet.  While the witness database of reports appears to be growing by about 30 percent annually, here are some annual numbers of total reports from Robert Powell, MUFON's Director of Research: 2007, 2,203 reports; 2008, 4,220 reports; 2009, 4,990 reports; 2010, 4,534 reports; 2011, 5,137. During the first 10 months of 2012, MUFON has received a total of 7,272 reports.

Fletcher Gray is MUFON's deputy director of investigations, the STAR Team manager, and chief investigator for Texas. He disagrees with any decline in the amount of data available and believes there is a continuing interest in the subject.  "In 2006 there were 1,733 cases filed with MUFON," Gray said. "This is an average of 144 cases a month over a 12-month period. Here we are in 2012 and the year has not ended and MUFON's average caseload for the United States is more than 700 cases per month. In the last 10 months 7,272 cases have been filed with MUFON. That's a large increase in sighting reports. Granted that most of these cases are explainable, but I think the question that we need to ask is whether the public is no longer interested in ufology due to the lack of physical evidence? Collection of physical evidence is hard to come by." 

Stanton Friedman is a regular columnist for the monthly MUFON UFO Journal and a strong voice in ufology.  "As a retired nuclear physicist who has since 1967 lectured on subjects such as Flying Saucers Are Real or Flying Saucers and Science in all 50 U.S. states, all 10 Canadian Provinces and 18 other countries, I have learned a lot about the public's attitude about flying saucers. First I have had only 11 hecklers in over 700 lectures. Two of them were drunk. When I ask at the end of my lectures how many believe they have seen a UFO, typically 10 percent raise their hands. But 90 percent of them did not report their sightings. Almost invariably the reason is fear of ridicule. Military men who raise their hands typically claim they cannot talk about what they saw. I have seen no diminution in the 45 years I have been speaking. The great majority of my audiences have been college or professional groups.  The claim that 98 percent of sightings can be explained as conventional phenomena is clearly contradicted by every large scale study. For example, in Blue Book Special Report 14, the largest unclassified study ever done by the Air Force, it was found that 21.5 percent of the 3,201 sightings investigated could not be explained completely separate from the 9.3 percent listed as insufficient information. The better the quality of the sighting, the more likely to was unidentifiable. A statistical comparison showed that the probability that the UNKNOWNS were just missed knowns was less than 1 percent. The University of Colorado study found that 30 percent of the cases studied in detail could not be identified.  In The UFO Evidence, 18 percent of 4,500 cases could not be identified. The response to my five books clearly indicates that the public is interested in facts and data, not nonsense. My team won a debate about UFO reality at the Oxford University Debating Society getting 60 percent of the vote. I won two debates on Coast to Coast Radio getting 80 percent of the vote in one case, 57 percent in another. It is time the press did its homework on this very important subject." - Examiner.